SIPFF 2024 2024.11.07(Thu.) ~ 2024.11.13(Wed.)

Home Ground

Korea | 2022┃78min┃Color┃Documentary┃12+
Korean DiaㅣEnglish Sub

KWON A-ram


‘Chanel’ in Myeong-dong in the 1970s was the secret hideout for Butches and Femmes. In 1996, young lesbians opened Korea’s first lesbian bar, Lesbos. In the early 2000s, queer teens looking for a community gathered in a small park in Sinchon. Myung-woo, who ran ‘Lesbos’ nearby, was still guarding the place 20 years later. As the coronavirus crisis hit, the bar has lost its customers. Will she able to protect the place this time?

11/05(Sat) 13:55 Megabox Seongsu 2 (GV)
11/07(Mon) 15:05 Megabox Seongsu 4