SIPFF 2024 2024.11.07(Thu.) ~ 2024.11.13(Wed.)

Summered, Some Odd

Korea | 2021┃21min┃Color┃Fantasy┃12+
Korean DiaㅣKorean, English Sub
KANG Tae-won


Monotonousness, loneliness, solitude, and repeat. We were lonely in a summer where everything was alive. Without anything special nor a reason. We wandered through the summer chasing undefined loneliness. Nothing special, no reason.

Korean Shorts Competiton 1 (GV)
11/05(Sat) 13:40 Megabox Seongsu 5
Korean Shorts Competiton 1
11/07(Mon) 17:30 Megabox Seongsu 2