SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Rules & Regulations

Entry Qualifications

Everyone can submit their film, irrespective of sex, age and nationality.

Entry Conditions

1. Only films completed after January 1, 2023 can be submitted.

2. The Festival accepts features, short films, documentaries, animation and other films that deal with various sexual minorities' issues (such as their life, love, violence, discriminations) and social structural problems.

How to submit

1. Deadlines

2024. 04. 11(Thu.) ~ 2024. 07. 21(Sun.)

2. Details of entry

1) Submission Form 1 sheet

2) File or Online Link for Screening

    :Please refer to ‘Reference’ to get more information about the Online Link

3) Subtitles

    - In case of domestic films(Korean), it should have English subtitles

    - In case of overseas films(Foreign language), please have English subtitles

      (If it is not available to provide English subtitles, must submit film with English  or Korean script)

3. Ways of Submit

    Online (Recommend)

    - Homepage : Online submission 

    - Email :

    - Submission is available until the midnight before June 6th

    - Online Link or Attachment File size under 2GB that can be played in any PC

    - Write "Name of submitting film - 2024 Seoul International Pride Film Festival Submission" as email title


1. Only selected entrants will be reached via email by festival coordinators respectively by end of July, 2024.

2. Once selected, participants should send related materials to SPFF executive office by specific date. The submitted materials will be used for SIPFF catalog and promotion.

3. The film that selected for screening should have English subtitles.

4. The Festival is entitled to use the materials submitted with the entry form for promotional purposes. In case there is no press kit available, excerpts from the film within 3 minutes length can be used.

5. The Festival is not returning the material submitted unless entrants are demanding it.

6. Seoul International PRIDE Film Festival requires a premiere screening in Seoul. Thus, the copy holder of selected films need SIPFF’s permission and agreement to screen the film at the other film festivals held in Seoul before the opening day of SIPFF.

Management of submitted materials

1. All submitted films for 2024 Seoul International Pride Film Festival will be kept in the festival's archive for non-profit purpose of research and education.

2. Selected prints could be re-screened if a copy holder’s permission after the official festival period for non-profit events that hold by the festival.   

3. In case of material leaking damage, either during the selection process or at the Festival itself, the Festival will take responsibility about the case.


1. Entrants must clear all copyrighted materials included in their films such as a portrait, music, stock footage before publicly screening it.

2. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant submitting the film to secure permission from the copyright holder of the material in question. The Festival will not have responsible for any legal issues that might arise from the inclusion of unclear materials in the films. 

3. All costs are to be prepaid by the sender, and the Festival will not assume responsibility for any charges.

4. You can make the Online Link through Youtube and Vimeo.

1) Youtube(Free Service)

You can upload your film for free on Youtube( shorter than 15min. If you want to upload longer than 15min, click ‘Increase your limit’ which located below of the upload page.

If you want your film is not being in public, please select ‘Unlisted’ so that can only access by the Online Link before uploading the film.

In this case, let us know the Online Link only.

(Please don’t select ‘Private’ because it means that you have to choose the people who can see your film through the website.)

 2) Vimeo (conditional paid-service)

Vimeo( provides the space up to 500MB a week for free. If you want more space, please check the membership policy of Vimeo on their website.

After your film is uploaded, please click ‘Privacy Setting’ and choose ‘Only people with a password’. In this case, please inform the Online Link and the password.


'Seoul International PRIDE Film Festival' Program Team Office


※ Please make sure to read rules & regulations carefully.