SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Andrew AHN Master Class

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SIPFF presents “Director Andrew Ahn’s Master Class.” Ahn is the Korean American film director loved by Disney has become the film director of next generation as his first feature film Spa Night, which depicts the life of Korean sexual minority person living in American society, got great reviews from critics and the public. Afterwards, Ahn has been continuously presenting the films that fiercely and delicately capture the society (Driveways, 2019; Fire Island, 2022) and the lives people experience as immigrants and sexual minorities, and has become a film director whose next work is always anticipated.

Director Andrew Ahn’s Master Class presents five works; three feature films Spa Night, Driveways, and Fire Island, and two early short films Andy and Dol (First Birthday).

Spa Night is an autobiographical film of Andrew Ahn, which delicately demonstrates a life of a young man working to reconcile his obligations to his struggling immigrant family with his burgeoning sexual desires in the understand world of gay hookups at Korean spas in LA. It also presents complex social class and racial problems the main character faces as an immigrated sexual minority. Driveways displays the friendship between a nine-year-old Asian boy and a Caucasian old man in his 80s. Audiences might be surprised when finding out that the film was directed by the director of Spa Night, but they share the theme of the life of immigrant and sexual minority. At the same time, the film shows a more diverse and expanded world of the director.

Fire Island, a newly introduced film by Andrew Ahn, was first released in Disney+. As it shares commonality with his previous works as it talks about American sexual minority community. However, Fire Island is an unapologetic, modern day rom-com showcasing a diverse, multicultural examination of queerness and romance, introducing another new aspect of the director. Inspired by the timeless pursuits from Jane Austen’s Classic Pride and Prejudice, the story centers around two best friends who wet out to have a legendary summer adventure with the help of ceap rosé and their cadre of eclectic friends, which shows the limitless capability of Ahn. After screening Fire Island, there will be a session where Ahn gives a lecture on Theater Director, and have Q&A with audiences.

This year’s Master Class where audiences can meet many works of Andrew Ahn will provide valuable chance to capture the significant flow of world’s queer films.