SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

New Pride Section

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The section that introduces the first or second films of talented, new queer film director
Programmer’s recommendations : Dos Estaciones, Beautiful Beings, Joyland, Close, In from the Side, Lonesome

New Pride Section contains the films that inform and celebrate the birth of new great directors all over the world. In this section, SIPFF selects and screens high quality films created by new directors, meaning the ones who have directed less than two films. In 2022’s New Pride Section, there are many films created by prominent new directors.

Dos Estaciones directed by Juan Pablo González displays female sexual minority who takes a part of a leader in a conservative Mexican society. The story of strong, attractive female character is enough to capture the eyes of audiences. Dos Estaciones also has a high quality story, which reminds people of The Good Earth by Pearl Buck and an old film Out of Africa, let alone the extraordinary directing ability of Director González. Beautiful Beings, directed by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson will also be presented in 2022’s New Pride Section. Director Guðmundsson’s previous film Heartstone was also introduced and highly welcomed in the previous SPFF. As a representative film director of Iceland, Guðmundsson delicately captures uneasy feeling of adolescents, by presenting sweeping vistas of great nature of Iceland and super close shots of the characters which can effectively shows main characters’ feelings. The audiences of 2022 SIPFF will also be able to enjoy Director Guðmundsson’s admirable directing ability in Beautiful Beings.

Additionally, Joyland directed by Saim Sadiq won Queer Palm in this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Joyland is a Pakistan film where people can enjoy songs and dances while watching. The film fiercely discusses the problem of gender and sexuality through the life stories of diverse minorities living in a conservative and repressive society. Lukas Dhont’s Close, which won Grand Prix in 2022 Cannes and will be premiered in Seoul, is the second feature film of Director Dhont. He is famous for presenting sensuous directing, delicate expressions of emotion, and rhythmic stories where images and music are mingled in harmony, and is called next Xavier Dolan.

The films filled with the unique charms of queer movies will also be introduced in 2022’s New Pride Section. In from the Side by Matt Carter, where you can enjoy the feast of flesh, and Australian Queer film Lonesome by Craig Boreham are the two examples. Besides these films, there are many unique and distinctive films created by new directors will be screened, so if you want to know the new flow of queer films, you should focus on 2022’s New Pride Section.