SIPFF 2024 2024.11.07(Thu.) ~ 2024.11.13(Wed.)

Special Pride Section

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The section screening the queer films of specific theme, including directors, actors, nationalities, eras, etc., and introduce them in the form of special or retrospective exhibition

Screening Korean traditional queer films, such as the ones directed by Im Kwon-taek

The talk with Brane Mozetič, the President of Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival after screening <LGBT SLO 1984>

SIPFF introduces the queer films of diverse themes, including directors, actors, nationalities, eras, etc., in the form of special or retrospective exhibition through Special PRIDE Section. In 2009, SIPFF published <The History of Korean Queer Films> and screened significant queer films of each era. Following this, it published <The History of Korean Transgender Films> in 2020, <The History of Korean Lesbian Films> in 2021, and <The History of Korean Gay Films> in 2022, while screening the films the books dealt with in each year’s Special PRIDE Sections.  

Furthermore, SIPFF is processing the project of restoring the film movies into DCP and screening them with Korean Film Archive in the beginning of every year. This year’s Special PRIDE Section will screen “cross-dressing films,” including <One-sided Love of Princess> directed by Choi Eun-hee, <Mines are Better> directed by Lee Hyeong-pyo, and <The Night of Full Moon> directed by Im Kwon-taek, which have been restored this year. It is noteworthy just to screen these films in the theaters, and through this chance, people will realize that many queer films have left their footprints in the history of Korean films.  

Moreover, this year’s Special PRIDE Section will introduce feature films from Eastern European countries, including Slovenia, Georgia, Estonia, Rumania, Lithuania, etc., taking the opportunity from “The Collection of Slovenian Short Films.” Specifically, after screening <LGBT SLO 1984>, the documentary film presenting the 35-year-long LGBT movement of Slovenia, the talk with Brane Mozetič, the President of Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival, one of the oldest pride film festivals in the world, will be proceeded. Brane Mozetič is an eminent poet and the sexual minority activist in Eastern Europe, who has focused on publishing books internationally, and leading human rights movements all over the world. It is expected that the conversation about Slovenian sexual minority movement and the history of the film festival with him will provide a meaningful time not only for cultural arts, but also for international affairs. 

As such, the attempt of Special PRIDE Section, which has enhanced every year, not only provides the chances for re-examining Korean queer films from diverse perspectives, but also helps the audience involve in meaningful social movements in reality.