2022 SIPFF 2022.11.03(Thur.) ~ 2022.11.09(Wed.)

Korea Pride Section - Non Competition
Korea Pride Section - Non Competition

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A section aiming to discover and introduce queer films newly produced in Korea.

There are many worth watching noncompetitive films in Korean PRIDE Section: “Exchange Student (directed by Hyun-jun Cho)” talks about the ways how college students with different social backgrounds solve mutual problems; “Moon Shower (directed by Na-kyeong Lee)” illustrates dizzy tension between two people within the same space; “Hands and Wings (directed by Seoung-bin Byeon)” helps audiences to consider the real-life difficulties that disabled sexual minorities; and “Our Lives (directed by Min-gyu Kim), the only feature film in Korean Pride Section.

Screening List

○ Going My Home

○ Exchange Student

○ Moon Shower

○ Hands and Wings


○ Queer 053

○ Kiss Kiss

○ One

○ When old drum rings

○ Our Lives