2022 SIPFF 2022.11.03(Thur.) ~ 2022.11.09(Wed.)

Asia Pride Section-Asian Features Competition
Asia Pride Section - Asian Features Competition

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A section introducing emerging Asian directors A section that helps SIPFF reorient itself through Asian queer films.

Asian PRIDE section selects well-made queer films produced in Asia that has advanced cinematic quality. 2019 SIPFF newly implements “The Competition of Asian Feature Films,” where audiences can watch 6 nominated films from Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Philippines, and Korea. Only one of these 6 films will win the award for best picture with 5 million KRW. 

The 6 nominated films are as followings: “A Dog Barking at the Moon (directed by Lisa Zi Xiang): the film illustrates the life of a pregnant woman faced with a family crisis. The film is well-known as an autobiographical film of the director herself and won Teddy award in 2019 Berlin International Film Festival; “Break (directed by Yong-hwan Yu)” depicts the changes Siwoo, a highschool boy living in a peaceful and plain life, experiences by getting to know Ha-jun; “Billie and Emma (directed by Samantha Lee)” is a story of young love between two girls who has extremely different backgrounds; “I talked about:Goodbye Mother (directed by Trịnh Đình Lê Minh) describes incidents of two men who didn’t come out to their families would experience with their family members; “Athlete:Ore ga kare ni oboreta hibi (directed by Oe Takamasa)” reveals the story of middle-aged divorced man and a young gay in his 20s; and “Tracey (directed by Jun Lee)” displays the story of a middle-aged man who received the sad news that his friend just passed away.

Screening List

○ A Dog Barking at the Moon

○ Brake

○ Billie and Emma

○ I talked about: Goodbye Mother

○ Athlete: Ore ga kare ni oboreta hibi

○ Tracey