2022 SIPFF 2022.11.03(Thur.) ~ 2022.11.09(Wed.)

Asia Pride Section-Non Competition
Asia Pride Section - Non Competition

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A section introducing emerging Asian directors A section that helps SIPFF reorient itself through Asian queer films.

There are also many worth watching noncompetitive films in Asian PRIDE Section: “Military Dog (directed by Ping Yuan Wang)” deals with the topic of BSDM role play between a man and a military man; “Dear Dear (directed by Yu Xuan Liu)” depicts an abstruse relationship between a mother, a daughter, and daughter’s girlfriend; “Is It Too Much To Ask (directed by Leena Manimekalai) displays the difficulties a transgendered woman experience in living an ordinary life; “OLD NARCISSUS directed by Tsuyoshi Shoji) is a story of secret sexual fantasy a grayheaded old man has; “A Blue Sky directed by Hein Htwe Maung) casts light upon the lives of teenage LGBTs; and “Kado (directed by Aditya Ahmad), the winner of the best short film in Berlin International Film Festival.

Screening List

○ Military Dog

○ Delivery Boy

○ A Blue Sky

○ Gentlemen Spa

○ Dear Dear

○ The Booth

○ Rani

○ Langit Budak Biru

○ Kado (A Gift)


○ Pashi

○ Fish Tank(魚缸)

○ Is It Too Much To Ask