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One-sided Love of Princess

Korea | 1967 | 94min | B&W | Drama, Romance | 18+
 Korean Dia│English Sub
Choi Eun-hee


Princess Sukkyung, the youngest daughter of the royal family's six princesses, falls in love at first sight with Sungkyunkwan student Kim Sun-do at the birthday celebration of her mother, In Sun-bi. Princess Suk-kyung, who does not want a political marriage, jumps into a world outside the palace that she has never experienced to find Kim Sun-do, but the world outside the palace is both curious and dangerous. Meanwhile, Princess Suk-kyung, who misunderstood herself as a gisaeng and dressed as a man to avoid the children of the Yangban who chased her, meets Kim Sun-do, who she wanted to meet so much, and drinks with him to check each other's feelings.

11/03 (FRI) 17:03 ART2


Choi Eun-hee