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The Night of Full Moon(Siboya)

Korea | 1969 | 87min | Color | Historical Drama | 18+
Korean Dia│English Sub
Im Kwon-taek


A full moon night right after Lee Seong-gye founded Joseon. Kim Jin-guk leaves the government post for Lee Seong-gye, who seeks talent, pretends to be loyal to Lee Seong-gye, and cultivates a military to promote antipathy, blocking Kim Jin-guk, who studied alumni, but when Kim Jin-guk refuses to do so, he orders him to kill his wife and children. Kim Jin-guk's wife, who was running away with her newborn son, was forced to be pardoned and put her son down in front of the gate of a noble family and died. Just in time, Park Man-do's wife, who was full of water after giving birth to her fourth daughter, replaces her daughter and a boy abandoned in front of the gate, and Kim Jin-guk's father takes Park Man-do's daughter abandoned in front of the mountain shrine to raise her. Twenty years later, Kim Jin-guk's son grew up as a giant, Park Man-do's son, and supplemented his father with excellent martial arts skills. Maehwa, the daughter of Park Man-do, who lived with Kim Jin-guk's father as a foster grandfather, decides to take revenge on Park Man-do, who destroyed the Kim Jin-guk family according to his grandfather's will...

11/07 (TUE) 18:15 ART2


Im Kwon-taek