2022 SIPFF 2022.11.03(Thur.) ~ 2022.11.09(Wed.)

Open Pride Section
Open Pride Section

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A section introducing films that aim to build intersectional solidarity minorities not limited to the queer.

SIPFF newly featured Open PRIDE Section last year, presenting its volition to build strong solidarity with social minorities scattered around all over the world via screening films of their stories. SIPFF strives to deliver the story of values and rights the whole society has to acknowledge through its Open PRIDE Section. Specifically, this year’s Open PRIDE Section designed special screenings by collaborating with “Kara,” an activist group protecting animal rights. With cooperation with “Kara,” SIPFF brings out the story of animal rights and substantializes the virtue of life respect will beyond human rights. 

Among the films in Open PRIDE Section, “Kara” recommends “The Biggest Little Farm (directed by John Chester).” This movie is about the story of a couple who tries to build a farm and a social community in the suburban area of Los Angeles. By watching the success and failure the couple experiences, audiences can empathize with their feelings. The film “A Puppy, Our Family (directed by Jae-young Park)” unfolds a unique story that a companion dog takes revenge on its family who threw him away and displays hypocrisy of the attitudes of human beings toward animals. The animated film “Padak (directed by Dae-hee Lee)” depicts the escaping story of mackerel locked in aquarium, and “Mia and the White Lion (directed by Gilles de Maistre)” denounces trophy hunting in the Republic of South Africa. Additionally, SIPFF screens memorable films from the 90s including “Free Willy (directed by Simon Wincer),” the story of the friendship between a boy and a killer whale, and “Fly Away Home (directed by Carroll Ballard),” the story of Amy and baby geese who think Amy is their mother.

Screening List

○ The Biggest Little Farm

○ Mia and the White Lion

○ Tungrus

○ Momo

○ Padak

○ Dancing Cat

○ A Puppy, Our Family

○ Fly Away Home

○ Free Willy