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Wuthering Heights

UK | 2012 | 129min | Color | Drama, Romance | 15+
English Dia│Korean Sub
Andrea P. Arnold


In Yorkshire, England, there is a remote mansion, Wordling Heights, on a hill in a desolate field. Its owner, Unshaw, brings an orphaned boy, Heathcliff, one night in a violent storm. Unshaw's son Hindley hates Heathcliff, who is unilaterally loved by his father, but daughter Cathy falls in love with Heathcliff as if she were destined. However, when Hindley's abuse begins after Unshaw's death and Cathy marries Edgar, the son of a nearby mansion, Heathcliff leaves Wordling Heights without a word. A few years later, Heathcliff came back rich and decided to take revenge on his bulliesHow do you reinvent yourself when your partner is going through a change? This task awaits Corrie. Her partner Ashley is in transition from male to female. More and more often, Corrie wonders to what extent she can follow her partner in the transition

11/03 (FRI) 13:10 ART3


Andrea P. Arnold