SIPFF 2024 2024.11.07(Thu.) ~ 2024.11.13(Wed.)

Hot Pink Section

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A section introducing films focused around a certain queer issue that is particularly pertinent to that year

This year on June 18 when the World Health Organization (WHO) released online its 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), it was included in the edit that gender incongruence (commonly known as gender dysphoria) is no longer a mental health disorder. To celebrate the official declassification of transgenderism as a mental disorder and its recognition as a part of how individuals experience gender identity, the Hot Pink Section will feature films on transgender issues.

This year's Hot Pink Section will feature classics such as The Crying Game (1992) by Neil Jordan and Boys Don't Cry (1999) by Kimberly Pierce as well as new films such as Girl (2018) by Lukas Dhont, which won Caméra d'Or and Prize of Un Certain Regard best actor award at the 23rd Cannes Film Festival.

Girl follows fifteen years old Lara who enters ballet school to become a ballerina. In addition to the common struggles of becoming a dancer and of reaching puberty, Lara is also making life-changing decisions regarding hormonal replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery. The lead performance by Victor Polster is exhilarating to watch in this complex character study. "Girl is an extraordinarily moving film" (Joe Walsh, CineVue)

"With enlivening performances and thoughtful filmmaking, Girl has the power to not just change lives but reinvigorate your belief in cinema" (Jordan Ruimy, The Playlist)

As praise from international film critics seems unending, expectations from Korean audiences continue to heighten.

Sunken Plum (2017) by Roberto F. Canuto and Xu Xiaoxi is the story of a transgender woman who works at a night club in Chengdu who, upon hearing of her mother's death, returns to her hometown to take care of funeral services. Despite her life in Chengdu as a transgender woman, her attempt to fulfill her duties as the son of the family entails being treated as a man in her hometown. The conflict between her life in the city and the traditions upheld by her hometown friends and elder relatives is representative of a major struggle that transgender individuals face in China.

Lady Eva (2017) by Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson takes place in the Tonga kingdom in the South Pacific. The documentary follows Eva who wishes to enter a transgender beauty pageant in order to win the scholarship reward. Her family presents an ultimatum between continuing her relationship with them versus participation in the pageant.

The lineup at this year's Hot Pink Section presents an important subject matter as well as demonstrating ample critical and popular recognition. It will be an opportunity to glimpse at the struggles that were involved in reaching today's global shift towards accepting transgenderism as a healthy part of gender identity.



○ Between the Seasons


○ Blossom

○ Saturday Church

○ Boys Don't Cry

○ Myself

○ Alifu, the Prince/ss

○ Sunken Plum

○ Odd Job Man

○ Calamity

○ 11 minutes of Jisoo

○ Going Out

○ The Crying Game

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