SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Special Pride Section

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A pattern in recent Korean productions is a lack of strong women protagonists, with most women's characters being subordinated to minor supporting roles. Seoul PRIDE Film Festival will stand against this current and present a collection of films with female lead characters who voluntarily express their desires. We will feature a Korean film from each decade starting from the 1970s up to today, all of which depict femme solidarity or plots that could be interpreted as being femme queer.

Ascetic directed by Kim Su-hyeong and released in 1976, is about a middle aged artist named Noh Miae who lives with an extremely abusive husband and young fashion model Kim Younghee, who was a victim of multi-perpetrator rape. The two women meet by chance and become close through their mutual suffering, portraying the strong sense of solidarity between women at the time.

The 1988 sexploitation period piece Sa Bangji by Song Kyungshik is loosely based on a factual intersex person of the same name who lived during the Joseon Dynasty. In the movie, Sabangji is born to a hardened criminal and a mentally disturbed woman and one day fatefully meets the young widow Lee Sosa. They share a love both carnal and spiritual but after being discovered by family elders, the relationship falls to ruins. The fact that the film handles a radically queer subject matter not just for the time but for today as well, and that it is being screened for the first time in eleven years are reason enough to check it out! Not to mention it will be interesting to see how today's audiences will interpret the story of Sabangji, who was a point of immense curiosity and gossip in our country's past.

The young adolescent faces of now well established actresses Kim Gyuri, Park Yehjin, Lee Youngjin and Gong Hyojin can be seen in the 1999 lesbian horror film Memento Mori, directed by Kim Tae-yong and Min Kyu-dong. The screening will include a previously cut scene that is being revealed on the big screen for the first time. It will also be an opportunity to hear the comments of the directors.

The film representing the 2000s will be Crush and Blush directed by Lee Kyoungmi and starring Gong Hyojin and Lee Yowon and for the 2010s, Girl at My Door, directed by July Jung and featuring Bae Doona's performance that made headlines for portraying a lesbian police officer.

In contrast to the unfortunate lack of active women characters in major films, this section aims to demonstrate that movies set around strong women characters have been around since the 1970s. The Special Pride Section at the Seoul PRIDE Film Festival will be a valuable opportunity to view films from each decade since the 1970s side-by-side, and to observe how the cinematic gaze has depicted women throughout the decades as well as note how filmmaking technology has changed over time. This experience could provide context for comprehending the trajectory of how mainstream cinema has come to define women's roles.



○ Ascetic

○ Sa Bangji

○ Memento Mori

○ Blush And Crush

○ A Girl at My Door