SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Korea Pride Section

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A section aiming to discover queer films recently produced in Korea and bring them to the public |

This section is very close to our hearts. A total of eighteen films will be shown at the Korean Pride Section this year.

Anyone who watches Attention Ho Brothers by PARK Jong-yeon, PARK Jong-ho will immediately recall the Taiwanese queer film Eternal Summer by Leste Chen. Since they were kids, Minho and Hoyoung have had an ambiguous relationship. This relationship destabilizes further when Hoyoung's new girlfriend enters the picture. The premise of Attention Ho Brothers is not a rare one in queer films but the exceptional filmmaking and performances prove that it's a classic story that continues to appeal to audiences.

The Three-legged Race by LEE Jin-woo is about Yejin, a sports university prep student who replaces Eunju to partner with Sungjin, a boy with a disability affecting his leg, in the three-legged race at the school sports competition. The short was screened at this year's Seoul International Agape Film Festival and the Persons with Disabilities Film Festival.

In A Blind Alley by OH Su-yeon, Eunjae learns that her friend Munyeong enjoys lesbian web comics. As rumors begin to spread around school that she is a lesbian, Munyeong's behavior changes, and she asks Eunjae what she thinks of same sex love. Truly a succession of curious events, this short was shown at the 20th Seoul International Women's Film Festival and the 12th Film Festival for Women's Rights.

We will greet some familiar faces this year in the Korean Pride Section. Directors who have screened their work in past years at the Seoul PRIDE Film Festival return to us with new work.

Uninvited by Seungyeob Lee was featured by FIveFilms4Freedom, an annual online LGBTQ+ film festival created by the British Film Institute (BFI) that allows anyone around the world to stream five short films over a course of twelve days. It was also screened at queer film festivals this year in Boston, Mumbai, Shanghai, Honolulu, and more. The plot is about a young man who hides from his family that he is gay and living with his boyfriend. When he is paid an unexpected visit from his mother, every effort must be made to hide his secret and a comical ordeal follows. Director Seungyeob Lee's S.O.S. screened at the 2016 Seoul PRIDE Film Festival and we are delighted to welcome him once more.

The extremely proficient director Jang Young-sun's queer filmography includes Nabang Spark, I'll Be With You, Tenderly Crunch, A Naked Boy and My Eleventh Brother, and this year she returns to us with THE FOUR VAMPIRES, a comedy drama about four vampires who have become weary of the eternal life and resolve to commit suicide. But before they do, they begin to reminisce about the ones they love...

Director KIM Hyun-seoung demonstrated meticulous directorial skills in Dancing With You and this year, he brings to us MIND. Photographer Hyunwoo searches for a model to use for an upcoming exhibition but to no avail. He reaches out to an ex who currently models. The short film depicts a character not entirely honest in revealing their emotions.

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