SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

2018 SPFF
Closing Film

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Introducing queer films from around the globe isn't the only objective of the Seoul PRIDE Film Festival. It is of utmost importance to us that we bring emerging talent to the fore by discovering and screening new work. This year we collaborated with Matchbox, whose main initiative is to advance artistic diversity and foster cultural exchange through visual arts such as movies and media content. We have handpicked five new queer shorts produced by Matchbox and will debut them at our closing ceremony.

The first, titled Step for You directed by UM Ju-ho is about Yusang, a student reporter for his college newspaper publication. While performing research for a feature article, he meets alumnus dancer Junhan who teaches him some moves. Audience members will find themselves being pulled in as they, along with Yusang, are captivated by Junhan's charm.

In What You Believe directed by HAN Ho-seung, Junwoo and Jiho attend a bun-gae (quick meeting in real life of strangers who met on the internet) at a motel for the first time and as Junwoo contemplates whether a stranger at the bun-gae is trustworthy or not, the audience is sent on a journey through the subtle paths and crossways of different relationships. Along with Some more directed by KANG Woo, the two pieces capture the sweet and mellow moments of when a new love is blossoming. In Some more the main character must stay a few days at a remote rural farmhouse due to an accident during a bicycle trip. KANG Woo has particularly been a prolific director, as seen in his recent work I Don't Care and Long Time No See.

The short garnering the fiercest attention of this showcase is Boss in Love directed by AN Ji-hee, which immediately reached its crowdfunding goal when the fundraiser launched and continues to exceed its goal on the platform tumblbug. Boss in Love is an uncommonly uplifting and pleasant lesbian movie. Seyung is alone working overtime and calls her lover Haemi to her office. While they are enjoying their time together, the new employee Jua walks in on them...

Being me directed by KIM Dong-hyun is a powerfully imaginative movie about high school besties Seohyun and Jaenam who are content just being together. But when Minhee goes online to broadcast live her romantic feelings towards Jaenam, Jaenam goes incognito. The events that ensue delicately portray the undulating emotions between Seohyun and Jaenam, transporting viewers back to their own puppy love romances.

This year's Closing Ceremony has no shortage of compelling and delightful queer movies, so come see for yourself the artistic talent and potential of these emerging directors at our short films showcase!


○ Step for You

○ What You Believe

○ Some more

○ Boss in Love

○ Being me