SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

World Pride Section

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The World Pride Section presents non-Asian queer cinema to deliver the perspectives of contemporary queer individuals living around the globe

The World Pride Section carefully selects work whose artistic merit has been recognized at major international film festivals.

We proudly present Tom of Finland, a documentary that traces the work of legendary Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen back to his service during WWII, when he was surrounded by the masculine uniforms that would later inspire his illustrations, and follows the progression of his successful career as an artist. Laaksonen worked under the pseudonym, Tom of Finland, and is often stated as being the most influential creator of gay pornographic images and is praised for elevating lowbrow gay pornography to the level of dignified art.

Icelandic film Heartstone, spotlighted by the Venice Film Festival Queer Lion Award, is another film to look out for. This coming-of-age film beautifully captures the lives of teenage boys dancing between the lines that define friendship and romantic love.

Once again this year, audiences have the chance to see the films that were the rage at Sundance. Beach Rats is on this list of hot films and Lovesong, which stars Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis, might also catch your attention.

Not to be missed is our collection of some of the best queer documentaries of the year, which will be screened exclusively at our festival. Chavela captures the intimate behind-the-scenes stories of the legendary Mexican singer, Chavela Vargas. The Pearl of Africa is about an Ugandan transgender woman and was screened at the world’s finest documentary film festivals such as Hot Dogs International Documentary Festival and Amsterdam International Documentary Festival. Dreamboat captures the duality of the splendidness and the bitterness of an ultra-luxurious all-gay male passenger cruise and was premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The Wound is set in one of the industrial centers of the Eastern Cape province in South Africa and handles the brutal circumcision rituals directed towards teenage boys and the conflict that surrounds it. The Constitution portrays four housemates of different religions, races, sexual orientations, gender identities and social statuses, building a community in the apartment they share. It was awarded the title of Best Film at the Montreal World Film Festival. Gregg Araki was a prominent figure of the 90s New Queer Cinema movement, and his major work, Mysterious Skin stars a teenage Joseph Gordon Levitt.


○ Tom of Finland

○ Dream Boat

○ Paths: Ein Weg

○ Heartstone

○ The Wound

○ The Pearl of Africa

○ Beach Rats

○ Love Song

○ The Constitution

○ Chavela

○ Seventeen

○ Mysterious Skin

○ Happy

○ Coming Home

○ Jamieson Pearce

○ The Dam