SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Hot Pink Section

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Introducing the Hot Pink Section

: A section where we introduce films that touch upon significant social issues from this past year and other films that drew our attention. 


With the long awaited institutionalization of same sex marriage in the US on June 26th of last year, much interest has been allotted to the legal rights of gay/lesbian individuals and the related social security systems for their families. In step with this, not just same sex married couples but all those who go against the grains of the traditional family shape are also actively visualized. In an attempt to highlight same sex families and other diverse family shapes and the social institutions that support them, related films will be spotlighted in the Hot Pink section.

About Ray illustrates the story of a tri-generational family living together in the same house: lesbian grandmother played by Susan Sarandon, single mom played by Naomi Watts, and transgender son played by Elle Fanning. When teenage son Ray decides to receive gender confirmation surgery, single mom Maggie agrees with her head but her heart is reluctant. Dolly, though also queer herself, is unable to actively support her transgender grandson. About Ray depicts the conflict between the three. The film received great attention at the Toronto International Film Festival. 


○ About Ray

○ Rara

○ What’s Between Us

○ Jonathan

○ The Freedom to Marry

○ Last Bloomer

○ Rainbow House

○ OF: Dream of Family

○ California

○ First Love

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