SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Korea Pride Section

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Introducing the Korea PRIDE Section

: A section that concentrates on discovering and presenting new queer films that are produced in Korea

Created to actively promote and support Korean queer cinema, the Korea PRIDE Section is presenting a record-breaking number of 29 films. Amidst the heightened expectations due to the overflow of numerous feature lengths and excellent shorts, particular interest should be paid to Yeonwoo Nam’s Lost to Shame and Yoonju Jang’s Do You Take This Cat?

Director Yeonwoo Nam has been awarded Best Leading Actor for Fatal (directed by Lee Donku) at the Wild Flower Film Awards and is a rising star in the independent film world for distinguishing himself in works such as Daytime Moon and Art Lecture. Lost to Shame is about a struggling theatre actor who is cast as the lead character for a world-famous LGBT play, Dark Life. His self-sacrificing raw performance brings him recognition and popularity but an unexpected turn of events pulls him into a paradoxical situation. By directing, scripting, and acting for Lost to Shame, Yeonwoo Nam unveils his substantial talent and experience.

After Cross Your Fingers received critical acclaim for its subtle emotional arc, director Yoonju Jang returns after a five year hiatus with her new piece, Do You Take This Cat? 

Before moving to Germany, Areum leaves her cat, Momo with her former girlfriend and protagonist of the story, Sohee. The film perceptively lays out in front of us the emotions of the three female characters: Sohee’s current girlfriend Yoojin’s feelings of being let down, Areum’s conflict of having to leave her cat with Sohee, and Sohee’s wish to not upset anyone.

Additionally, Jane will feature a leading performance by Minji Lee, who appeared as Miok in Reply 1988 and received praise for her lovey dovey acting with Jaehong Ahn. And Taeri Kim, who instantaneously became a blue-chip of the theatre district, Chungmuro with her performance as the handmaiden in Park Chanwook’s The Handmaiden will star in Moon-young. Both will premiere for the first time at the Seoul PRIDE Film Festival.

I Don’t Care, a compassionate documentary that follows main character Soomee Ko as he tries to overcome hurtful childhood experiences is another noteworthy short.


○ Lost to Shame

○ Jane

○ Moon-young

○ MOMO / Do You Take This Cat? 

○ I Don’t Care

○ A Girl Told to Me

○ Under the Sea

○ Lovers

○ Walking, Together

○ Dream

○ Autopsy of Memory

○ EJ the Ladyboy

○ Bye By Bi

○ S.O.S

○ This Is a Work of Fiction

○ Overload

○ Turnover

○ Family Plan

○ A Man in the Midnight

○ Jealousy Is My Guest

○ Ugly People

○ Amor, Amor Fati

○ House of the Queen