SIPFF 2024 2024.11.07(Thu.) ~ 2024.11.13(Wed.)

World Pride Section

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Introducing the World PRIDE Section

: A section that presents films from non-Asiatic countries in order to show the stances of other countries today

As much as the World PRIDE Section has gathered films that received invitations or awards at major international film festivals for their artistic value and their contextual importance, we anticipate great interest from the audience towards it.

A noteworthy detail about this year’s World PRIDE Section is that three films that were extremely successful in the queer film section of the Berlin International Film Festival are being shown side-by-side. These films are Tomcat, which won the Teddy Award (queer film award) for Best Film, Kiki, which won best documentary, and You’ll Never Be Alone, winner of the Jury Award. 

Tomcat is about a gay couple and their cat who are happy until a series of events shatter their relationship. In Kiki, as part of an effort to live more safe lives, a group of New York LGBT teens band together and enter a vogueing dance battle. Lastly, in You’ll Never Be Alone, a father disregards his son’s sexual orientation until a violent homophobic attack that lands his son in the hospital, upon which he works to recover their relationship. All three films will screen for the first time in Korea at the Seoul PRIDE Film Festival.

If you enjoyed the love story that formed between a middle-aged man and a young man in Eastern Boys, don’t miss From Afar, which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Another significant film is Sundance hit, Spa Night, Andrew Ahn’s piece about the dark lives of second generation Korean Americans.

Also, treat yourself to an audiovisual delight with Madonna’s Dancers, a documentary on the backstories of Madonna’s gay dancers that accompanied the queen of pop on her legendary Blond Ambition World Tour of 1990.


○ Tomcat

○ You’ll Never Be Alone(Nunca vas a estar solo)

○ Kiki

○ Spa Night

○ From Afar

○ Strike a Pose

○ Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story

○ The Girl King

○ Out Run

○ Staying Vertical

○ The Arrow

○ Buddy

○ Oasis