SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

2017 SPFF
Closing Film

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Sowol Road (Director, Jonghun Shin), the production support film of SPFF 2014, was invited to “Palm Springs International Film Festival,” one of the top three international short film festivals, and won Prix du Public at “Face à Face Gay & Lesbian Film Festival” in France. Additionally, Momo (Director, Yunju Jang), one of the production support films of SPFF 2016, achieved great results of being invited to Toronto International Film Festival (InsideOut 2017) and London Far East Film Festival.

Owing to such history, the eyes of the audience are on this year’s production support films, SPFF recommends you to keep your eyes on Two Nights (Director, Bum Jun) and The Shuttle Run (Director, Eunkyung Lee; Heesun Lee). Bum Jun, the director of Two Nights, has been invited to diverse international film festivals including Hong Kong Pride Film Festival, Taiwan Pride Film Festivaland “OUTFest Fusion,” the special section of LA Pride Film Festival, with his last film Open. Two Nights describes the story of a gay guy who was dumped without any notice begs his partner for spending one more night together. The film cross edited the day the couple breaks up and the one they first met, and elevated the tension of the film only with the dialogue between the couple within a closed space. The Shuttle Run co-directed by Eunkyung Lee and Heesun Lee, illustrates the story of a 11-year-old girl who has a crush on her PE teacher. While the two directors do not have much experience in directing movies as they are still college students at the Film deprtment in Dongguk University, they completed the film with delicate directing skills. Lastly, it is worth keeping eyes on Free Bird directed by Yujung Hong, who won FIWOM Prize at the 10th Film Festival for Women’s Rights with her last film The Wind Rises. 

As SPFF has screened the films completed by PRIDE Film Project as its closing films since 2016, it provides the production and screening opportunities for the directors of queer films. Furthermore, SPFF keeps supporting tits production support films by recommending them to diverse films festivals both in and out of South Korea so that South Korean queer films can be introduced to wider range of audiences.


○ Free Bird

○ Two Nights

○ The Shuttle Run