SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

2016 SPFF
Closing Film

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Titled as Supported Productions, the closing screening of the 2016 Seoul PRIDE Film Festival will present six shorts from the Pride Film Project as part of the World Premiere program.

One of the foremost roles of the Seoul PRIDE Film Festival is the promotion and support of Korean queer films. The festival aides the development of the Korean queer film industry by illuminating the history of Korean queer films that began springing up in the 90s and also discovering and introducing Korean queer films.

By actively reaching out to the connections that the festival has built up since 2011, further attention—both domestic and international, will be brought to the Korean queer film industry, particularly towards new directors and actors.

Last year’s supported production, Sowal Road, directed by ‘SHIN Jong-hoon’, achieved the splendid feat of being invited to distinguished film festivals around the world such as the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Hopes are high for this years supported productions as well. The Seoul PRIDE Film Festival will continue to widen the breadth of the queer films that are invited and financially supported and thus adopt the role as gateway and guide for new directors of Korean queer cinema.



○ My Eleventh Brother

○ A Man in the Midnight

○ Jealousy Is My Guest

○ Ugly People

○ House of the Queen