SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Asia Pride Section

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Asia PRIDE Section |

A section that reminds us of our current addresses and introduces us to new Asian directors

In the past, Asian queer films often depicted searches for identity and coming out stories. They took on observational viewpoints and showed dark realities. But starting in the 2010’s, the themes and perspectives have become more varied.

The mood has become a level brighter through frank portrayals of the necessity of legal systems such as equal marriage. The perspective has also shifted from tending towards observational to actually showing the perspective of sexual minorities and their realities of living in their own societies.

Also, production has taken a unique turn as the focus is shifting from the feature lengths of a handful of renown filmmakers to shorts created by new directors.

Likewise, the Asia Pride Section has selected films of great artistic value and high levels of completion from Asia, including Korea. We wish to show the lives of sexual minorities living in Asia and to also continue shining the spotlight on new talented directors in Asia.

This section shows the lives of sexual minorities living in Asia through its selection of Asian(including Korean) films of praiseworthy cinematic quality and high levels of perfection. The Asia Pride Section also aims to consistently bring light to new talented directors of great potential.

Keinosuke Hara’s Serenade is reminiscent of scenes from Memories of Matsuko. It cheerfully follows the life of a girl who must raise a daughter on her own after becoming pregnant from a one night stand with a drag queen dancer.

The most recent endeavor by director Josh Kim, who brought Draft Day to the Seoul Pride Film Festival, also deserves notice. How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) is a story about brothers who must suffer the consequences of the tragic contradictions of the Thai draft system. It is receiving acclaim after being screened at Berlin, Hong Kong and other international film festivals.

Sowol Road was produced through our own production cost support system called PRIDE Film Project. The film was screened at one of the top three short film festivals worldwide, the Palm Springs International Shortest. We hope that the fact that the film was produced with the financial help of the Seoul Pride Film Festival will amplify audience curiosity for the film.

Lee Young-jin played the heroine in the film, Memento Mori and is a model today. Her film is a straightforward and witty story about three individuals: a gay couple and a straight women who is close with them.

Also worthy of attention are debut films such as We Can Call It Love, a documentary directed by a high school student, and Open, selected from the films of the 4th class of Gay Out Soon. A long list of films by directors whose skills have already been recognized will help to make our film festival even richer. A few of which are: director Kang Sang-woo’s Clean Me, So Joon-moon’s I’m Horny Now!, Lee Hyun-ju’s Ordinary Family, Jang Young-sun’s A Naked Boy, and so forth.


○ How to win the Checker

○ Serenade

○ Clean Me

○ Let Them Talk

○ Ordinary family

○ We Can Call It Love

○ A naked boy

○ Sowol Road

○ Eternal Triangle

○ Open

○ I’m Horny Now!

○ Noise of summer

○ Penguins at North Pole

○ Drink in the middle of the day