SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

2012 SPFF 폐막작
Closing Film

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Girl Princes


Director  KIM Hye-jung

Korea | 2011 | HD | color/B&W | 81min

[ 05.30 ]  19:00

| Synopsis|

This is the story of women who chose to be princes themselves rather than wait for their princes. During the 1950s, a type of Korean musical with an all-female cast called Female Gukgeuk enjoyed a golden age in Korea. Especially Female Gukgeuk set the hearts of many young girls on fire. Some fans loved their actors so ardently that sent bloody love letter, even committed suicide. And some girls ran away from home and followed Female Gukgeuk companieson the road.

Geum-aeng Cho, Hae-ri Kim, Mi-sook Park, Sook-ja Huh, Ok-cheon Lee are the girls who left home and became male-role actors. And they are, despite their old age, on stage to this day. Although Female Gukgeuk has gone down the path of decline, their enthusiasm for Female Gukgeuk have not faded yet.

<The Girl Princes> looks back at the traces of Female Gugeuk which have not been recorded down in history. Furthermore, it shows the present days of the actors who are maintaining life-long ties with fellow actors and old fans.

| Director |

KIM Hye-jung