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Going Out

Director | KIM Hyuk

Korea│2018│19min 34sec│Color│Drama│T

Korean Dia│English Sub

2018 서울국제여성영화제

2018 인디포럼 신작전

2018 인천독립영화제 경쟁부문

November 3rd 15:10, 5th 13:50

| Synopsis |

FTM transgender Jin-su goes for the first time in a while to tell her friend Na-young that he is a man. Jin-su goes to the hair salon to have his hair trimmed. Na-young comes to the hair salon, and Jin-su waits for a chance to come out to her. Jin-su gets upset because the hairdresser charges him for a female haircut even when he got a short one. Na-young pays for Jin-su to get out of trouble. Jin-su gets into a fight with Na-young.

| Director |

KIM Hyuk

| Credits |