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Blush And Crush

Director | LEE Kyoung-mi

Korea│2008│100min│Color│Comedy, Drama

Korean Dia│English Sub

November 5th 11:50

| Synopsis |

With her frumpy hair, blushing face, and awkward mannerisms, Yang Mi Sook has spent her entire life being unnoticed. Nicknamed Miss Carrot, she diligently teaches Russian to high school students who don't listen, and ceaselessly pines after colleague Seo, her crush of ten years. Content with her uneventful, self-delusional existence, Mi Sook is sparked into action when hot young teacher Yuri (Scandal Makers) comes strolling in and steals her class and her man. To nip their blooming romance in the bud, Mi Sook forms an unlikely alliance with Seo's misfit teenage daughter, who's every bit as eccentric as she is!

| Director |

LEE Kyoung-mi

| Credits |