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Nowhere to go
갈 곳 없는

Director | SOHN Hyun-lok

Korea│2018│32min 26sec│B&W, Color│Drama│G

Korean Dia│English Sub

2018 대구단편영화제

2018 신필름예술영화제

November 2nd 13:40, 4th 17:00 (GV)

| Synopsis |

The runaway high school students, Hyeon-su and Dong-gyu, are helped by Min-jung who is a member of the so called runaway family. Hyun-su asks to go to a runaway family’s residence, but Dong-gyu opposes it, and Hyeon-su and Dong-gyu feel for each other as they depend on one another. Dong-gyu frankly confesses to Hyeon-su, but Hyeon-su denies his feelings and leaves Dong-gyu to head for the home of runaway family by himself.

| Director |

SOHN Hyun-lok

| Credits |