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Director | Katharina MUCKSTEIN

Austria│2018│100min│Color│Drama│L, G

German Dia│English Sub

2018 베를린국제영화제 파노라마 부문 관객상

2018 서울국제여성영화제 국제장편경쟁 작품상

November 2nd 19:30, 5th 18:20

| Synopsis |

Riding on their tuned-up bikes, Mati and her posse of male friends intimidate their neighborhood and harass the girls. In their village, they rule. But when her closest pal Sebastian falls in love with Mati and her enemy Carla unexpectedly turns into a friend, Mati is in danger of losing her standing among her male friends. Meanwhile Mati's parents have a decision to make: What's more important, appearances or reality? L'Animale is a film about the contradictory forces that guide our lives: desire, passion, and reason.

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