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Expiration Date

Director | Shwenn, Shunya CHANG

USA, Taiwan│2017│4min 21sec│Color│


English Dia

2017 뉴욕LGBT영화제 공식 경쟁부문

2017 런던독립영화제 최고단편영화상

2017 원릴러단편영화제 특별상

2017 Q시네마국제영화제 공식 경쟁부문

November 3rd 12:55

| Synopsis |

A poetic story about searching for an unexpired romance.

“Expiration Date” is a short, poetic motion graphics video integrating 2D and 3D styles. It is accompanied by an original soundtrack and poem (narrated). The main metaphor of the story utilizes the expiration date on a can to represent the duration of romantic love. Looking for a lasting love seems like looking for a can without expiration date. Through this film, audiences will experience the difference between desire and love within the truth of an enduring relationship.

| Director |

Shwenn, Shunya CHANG

| Credits |