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Beach Rats

Director | Eliza Hittman                     

USA | 2017 | 98min | Color│Drama

English Dia | Korean Sub

2017 선댄스영화제 드라마부문 감독상 수상 

2017 보스턴독립영화제 장편부문 심사위원대상 수상           2017 시애틀국제영화제 장편부문 심사위원대상 노미네이트


November 4th 14:10, 5th 19:00

| Synopsis |

Frankie, an aimless teenager on the outer edges of Brooklyn, is having a miserable summer. With his father dying and his mother wanting him to find a girlfriend, Frankie escapes the bleakness of his home life by causing trouble with his delinquent friends and flirting with older men online.

| Director |

Eliza Hittman                 

| Credits |