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Director | Cho Hyun-Hoon

Korea | 2016 | 103min | Color│Drama

Korean Dia | English Sub

2016 부산국제영화제

October 21st 19:20, 24th 14:50

| Synopsis |

Sohyun, a homeless girl, is left alone after Jungho, who has been like a brother to her, runs away. She is out on the streets hanging out with other teenagers from the runaway gang but nobody is fond of this naive, self-centered girl. One day, a lady named Jane comes up to Sohyun looking for Jungho’s whereabouts. Before they realize, these mismatching two become a part of the ‘Jane gang’ and set out for a new life.uns away. She is out on the Sohyun, a homeless girl, is left.

| Director |

Cho Hyun-Hoon

| Credits |