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A Girl Told to Me

Director | Koh Eun-Hye

Korea | 2015 | 15min | Color│Fantasy

Korean Dia | English Sub

2016  서경대학교 영화영상학과 영화제 대상, 촬영상

October 23rd 14:50, 24th 11:00

| Synopsis |

That was four years living with Jae Hee(f) Young Jin one day, he says, a woman like her. Soul and body is different Young Jin has survived gives hope to those he came to the beautiful Jae Hee. But now, he is about to have his own woman. Young Jin This is a public toilet right place shortly towards. The sound of heel coming towards the next to the compartment after a while heard, Young Jin is starting to feel threat. Young Jin is indeed what could be come out of the bathroom space.

| Director |

Koh Eun-Hye

| Credits |