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Director | Koh Eun-Hye

Korea | 2015 | 17min | Color│Romance

Korean Dia | English Sub

2016 서울국제여성영화제

2016 tv조선영상천하 본선진출

October 22nd 17:00, 24th 12:50

| Synopsis |

Jiah and Nayoung go to the sea to meet old friend Donghae. Jiah does not enter the water because of Allergy to seawater, but friends doesn’t believe it. After the sun sets, they starts talking about past love. Like a nineteen girl, Nayoung is interested in boyfriends but Jiah likes girlfriends better. Jiah realizes she is so different from other girls. Jiah tries to together with Donghae but her body and mind can’t accept him and her body is begin to be covered with red allergy because of Donghae who resembles the sea…

| Director |

Koh Eun-Hye

| Credits |