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Director | Sudhanshu Saria

India | 2016 | 92min | Color│Drama, Romance

English Dia | Korean Sub

2016 과달라하라국제영화제 최우수 장편 부문 노미네이트

2016 전주국제영화제 국제경쟁 부문 최우수상 노미네이트

2016 텔아비브국제LGBT영화제 관객상 수상

October 22nd 14:30, 24th 16:40

| Synopsis |

A tale of two longtime friends negotiating their mutual desire over the course of a weekend visit. LOEV is about this weekend between friends where chances are missed, truths evaded and among all the stumbles, the love that unexpectedly prevails.

| Director |

Sudhanshu Saria

| Credits |