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Director | Niels Bourgonje

Netherlands | 2015 | 11min | Color│Drama

Dutch Dia | Korean Sub

2016 암스테르담프라이드영화제

2016 보스톤프라이드영화제

2016 샌디에고프라이드영화제

October 23rd 11:00, 25th 17:00

| Synopsis |

A young man agrees to support his ex  lover  during  an  H1V  test. Not  having  seen  each other for a while,they are forced to sit  together  in the  waiting  room  of  a  STD  clinic. What starts  out  as  an  awkward  conversation ,soon  becomes  something   more  tender.  1s  there still  a  chance  for  reconciliation?

| Director |

Niels Bourgonje

| Credits |