SIPFF2020 Entry Offer 2020.02.21(Fri.) ~ 2020.05.27(Wed.)

Seoul International Pride Film Festival
About. SIPFF

Pride & Diversity
“From 23 to 100!”

23 and 100. These numbers represent the progress and the history of Seoul International Pride Film Festive (SIPFF). 

In 2011, SIPFF took its plain first step as Seoul Pride Film Festival (SPFF) by screening 23 films in one theater at Seoul Art Cinema. After 9 years, SIPFF became an international film festival that screens approx.. 100 films in 3 theaters in Cinelibrary at CGV Myeong-dong Station. In retrospect, there are so many people we thank for. All the staff members and volunteer workers who have volunteered for SIPFF, all the cineastes who have made and screened all those films, theater staffs who have rented their theaters, all the sponsors who have given their full material and emotional support, and last but not least, our audiences who have given their loves to SIPFF. I sincerely thank everyone who have been with us and supported us throughout all these years so that we can progress and grow step-by-step. Thank you very much. 

This year, we welcome our audiences with various programs from diverse countries, to live up to our name: “Seoul International Pride Film Festival.” You can enjoy a great variety of films from the old classics to the new films created by queer cineastes all over the world. I proudly guarantee that you can definitely look forward to this year’s SIPFF since you will have a wide selection of interesting films. Please enjoy our film festival with all your might and please keep supporting and encouraging us. We will do our best today, tomorrow, and forever and more. I sincerely thank you again (bow).