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Camellia Project

Director | CHOI Jin-sung, SO Joon-moon, LEESONG Hee-il

Korea | 2004 | 90min| Color | DVCAM| Feature

Korean Dia | English Sub

6.8(Sun) 12:30

| Synopsis |

1. Chu-ja Kim

Two boys, Wang-geun and Chun-ha, fell in love in their high school days. They went to the same church where they met for the first time, but had to be apart as the Reverend noticed them. 9 years passed, Chun-ha sees Wang-geun on TV living his life as a mixed martial arts fighter. They decided to go on a road trip together with Wang-geun’s 10 year old daughter Chu-ja to celebrate their reunion…

2. Drifting Island

Two men arrived at an island renouncing eyes of big cities. Jin-uk and Yeon-hoo are lovers. It’s been 2 years already that they came to Bogil island to live in love freely. As time goes by their relationship gets dulled without realizing it…

3. La Traviata

She found out her dead husband’s ex-lover was a man. She leaves to Bogil island to find Hyun-soo, the ex-lover of her husband, to deliver a letter that her husband left for him. Hyun-soo runs a B&B and living with a young lover in Bogil island. She puts her eyes on them intentionally…

| Director |

CHOI Jin-sung, SO Joon-moon, LEESONG Hee-il

| Credits |