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When I got a boyfriend

Director | HAM Seung-il

Korea | 2012 | 13min | HDV | Color

Rainbow Section – Yellow

June 9th 14:30, 13th 12:30

| Synopsis |

Hyun-woo keeps many secrets from his mother, the most important ones being that he has a boyfriend and is currently living with him. Hyun-woo's mother wishesto be closer to her son, so that she can introduce him her boyfriend, with whom she is having a serious relationship. Frustrated with her son ignoring her calls, she surprise visits Hyun-woo when he's celebrating a one year anniversary with his boyfriend. Luckily, Hyun-woo's mother remains unknowing of his sexuality, but Hyun-woo feels bad for having hurt his mother's feeling with his brusque manners.

| Director |

HAM Seung-il

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