SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Director |  Hyuk-Sang Lee 

Korea| 2011 | 109min | HD Cam | Color | Documentary 

Korean Dia | English Sub

2011 Busan International Film Festival- BIFF Mecenat

2020 Seoul Independent Film Festival

May 28th 17:30

| Synopsis |

A story about 4 gay men who try to lead a normal life in Korea, the conservative and harsh country for LGBT in Asia. In the middle of making a queer film Jun-moon, a director, loses his self-confidence due to social scrutiny regarding his sexual orientation. Byung-gwon, a gay rights activist, has been participating in movements to establish equal rights for homosexual laborers. Young-soo, a chef who moved from the countryside 15 years ago, lived a lonely life but he finds happiness after joining a gay choir. Yol, who works for a major company, dreams of the day him and his partner, can have a legal wedding with overcoming the prejudice against people living with HIV/AIDS.

| Director |

Hyuk-Sang Lee 

중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원에서 영화이론을 전공하였다. 성적소수문화환경을 위한 모임인 '연분홍 치마'의 활동가로서 다양한 영상을 제작해왔다. 연분홍 치마의 다큐멘터리 <마마상>(2005)과 <3xFTM>(2008)의 촬영 및 편집, <레즈비언 정치 도전기>(2009)의 편집을 담당했으며, <종로의 기적>은 연출 데뷔작이다.

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