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Director | KIM soo-hyun

Korea | 2010 | 129min | HD | Color | Drama

Rainbow Section – Violet

2010 Busan International Film Festival

2011 Berlin International Film Festival

June 2nd 19:00, 5th 13:00

| Synopsis |

Ji-u Gang, a pickpocket, and Ji-u Yun fatefully fall in love with each other as they're handcuffed by police detective Min-yong after attempting mock suicide. Hearing their story, Ji-u Jeong and Hui-jin come to feel differently about love. The director also of the feature So Cute (Gwiyeowo), Soo-hyun Kim portrays women's body language and sensual love with her characteristic sensivility. As a feature film with a lesbian theme, this work is a rarity in South Korean cinema.

| Director |

KIM soo-hyun

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