SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)


Director | Grant Lahood

NZ| 2012 | 68min | Color | Blu-ray  | Documentary

English Dia | Korean Sub

Rainbow Section – Green


2012 Documentary Edge Festival 

         - 'Best New Zealand Documentary' and 'Best Editing' 

2012  Hamburg International Queer Film Festival 

         - Audience Award for Best Documentary 

2013 BFI London BFI Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 

         - runner up in the Derek Oyston Film Prize 

6.5(Thu) 17:10

6.8(Sun) 10:40

| Synopsis |

Mani Mitchell and Grant Lahood set out to "de-mystify" intersex, looking "beyond the shame and secrecy that defines many intersex births". Interviewing intersex people around the world, the film explores how they "navigate their way through childhood, adolescence, relationships and adulthood, when they don’t fit the binary model of a solely male and female world".[1][3] The film follows Mitchell on a tour, visiting intersex people in America, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Australia. Interviews with sex researchers are also included, as well as some history of the treatment of intersex conditions. Those who had early surgical interventions, per the theories of researchers such as John Money, contrast their experiences with those who grew up without these interventions.

| Director |

Grant Lahood

| Credits |