SIPFF 2024 2024.11.07(Thu.) ~ 2024.11.13(Wed.)

The Bacchus Lady

Korea | 2016 | 110min | Color | Drama | 18+
E Jae-yong


So-young a 65-year-old woman is one of so called ‘Bacchus lady’ who’s selling her body to old men at the old park in the center of Seoul. She is suffering the heartbreaking of her half black American son sent for adoption when she was young. When So-young goes to see a doctor due to venereal disease, she meets a Kopino boy (Half Korean-Half Filipino) at the hospital who is alone, and lost his mother. So-young brings him to her place. And she tries to find young boy’s mother while keeps her prostitution job at the same time. One day she hears about her customer SONG’s stroke and visits him. SONG cries out how miserable his life is as an old man with the stroke and asks desperately to kill him. So-young hesitates a while but decides to help him.

[ 11.06.FRI ] 19:00 ART4