SIPFF 2024 2024.11.07(Thu.) ~ 2024.11.13(Wed.)

New Pride Section

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The section that introduces the first/second films of talented, new queer film directors 

By reorganizing its programs, 2021 SIPFF introduces New Pride Section. While Hot Pink Section, which had been the main section from 2011 to 2020, selected the themes of SIPFF and introduced the films with the themes, New Pride Section focuses on introducing the films that contributes to the queer film industry of South Korea and discovering new directors. This is the step SIPFF will take to concentrate more on the essential role of the international film festival. In this year’s New Pride Section contains the films that inform and celebrate the birth of new great directors all over the world. A Boy Meets a Boy by Dani Sanchez Lopez depicts how two very different young men meet each other and have a very short but interesting trip. Not Knowing by Leyla Yilmaz delicately unfolds the story between the family of a young man who is on the way of discovering his own identity and the people around them. Jump, Darling by Phil Connell describes the healing process of a drag queen who feels doubts about his life going to the countryside to his grandmother’s, who refuses to move into the nursing home, and how they cure each other’s pain by spending time with each other. Sequin in a Blue Room by Samuel Van Grinsven is a mystery thriller movie showing a 16-year-old boy discovering a special place for the group sex via hook-up app. New Pride Section also introduces many feature films that show great directing abilities. The Man with the Answers by Stelios Kammitsis is a road movie of a former Greek diving champion and a weird German student. Moneyboys by Yilin Bo Chen, which was also nominated in Un Certain Regard section at Cannes Film Festival, sensuously presents the experiences of the main character, who has been illegally prostituted himself for his family, goes through in the process of finding a new place after meeting a man. Poppy Field by Eugen Jebeleanu unfolds the hectic story of a police, hiding his own sexual identity, who went to restrain the protest against screening the sexual minority films and met his ex-boyfriend. Titane, the closing film of 2021 SIPFF is also a part of this section As such, New Pride Section presents both great feature films and short films. Son of Sodom by Theo Montoya and Trans Happiness is Real by Quinton Baker inform the birth of great documentary film directors. It’s Just in My Head by Marius Gabriel Stancu, Marco by Saleem Haddad, and Victoria by Daniel Toledo Saura are the short films that show the great abilities of directors despite their short running times. The one and only animated film RIOT5 by Violeta Fellay is also very worth paying attention to.