SIPFF 2024 2024.11.07(Thu.) ~ 2024.11.13(Wed.)

Korea Pride Section - Korean Shorts Competition

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The section that focuses on introducing and discovering queer films created in Korea 

Korea Pride Section is one of the most popular sections in SIPFF since audiences can enjoy originality and charm of Korean queer film directors. Every year, the section makes a new record of the number of applications, and hence, audiences can watch competent artwork which have been gone through such fierce competition. Since 2019, Korea Pride Section introduced “Korean Short Film Competition Section” in order to discover Korean new queer film directors and enhance the competence of Korean queer film; and this year, “The Best Actor Award” is newly established. So far, only directors have been awarded with the prizes, but from this year on, actors who contribute to the competence of the film will also be awarded. It already attracts people’s attention who will win the first actor’s award in SIPFF. This year’s Korea Pride Section offers great documentary films: Coming to You by Gyu-ri Byun, presenting the stories of the parents of homosexual children, and I Am More by Il-ha Lee, depicting the life story of the drag queen More who has 20 years of experience, deliver honest stories of real people with profound perspectives. Director Sung-hwan Kim’s feature film I Leave Home is a fun road movie illustrating the hardships the main character, who decides to leave home, and his friend face. This year’s Korea Pride Section also presents medium-length films: On White Wind Wall by Kyung-ho Lee and Ji-eun Heo, which won Audience Award in 2021 Diaspora Film Festival, describes the story of a teacher and a student who met again after 8 years; When the Waves Rise by Hwi-young Choi, which will be premiered in 2021 SIPFF, depicts the wave-like emotion of two friends about to leave for a trip, celebrating one’s birthday; I Smell Wedding Bells by Min-ki Hong is a documentary film that presents director’s own worries about marriage, his partner, and his family members. Many questions and their realistic and honest answers presented in the film create significant sphere for many people in the eligible age to empathize. There are many short films that are expected to be sellouts. Director Sung-bun Byun who won the best picture in Korean Short Film Competition Section in 2020 SIPFF with God’s Daughter Dances, came back to 2021 SIPFF with a mockumentary, Method Acting and True Love. Cicada by Dae-won Yoon, which won the 2nd prize in Cinefoundation Section in Canne International Film Festival, will also be screened in Korea Pride Section. Cicada is also one of 2020 SIPFF’s production supporting films. There are other films in Korean shorts competition and non-competition sections that have unique stories, great directing skills, and excellent themes. The very noticeable fact is that there are great lesbian films and female directors this year: Outgoing by Yujin Lee, Ju-bin by Sun-young An, Stay over Night by Ji-hoo Lee present stories of lesbian from diverse age groups. Dear My Wonnie by Zoo-ee Kang, depicting the story of two boys, also got into the shorts competition section due to its great quality. Since it is the section filled with fresh energy, there are diverse genres of films such as animation, and experimental films, other than play and documentary films. As such, this year’s Korea Pride Section is filled with the films that will satisfy the high expectations of the audiences.