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How to Film Queer Movie 101

Korea┃2021┃6min 14sec┃Color┃Drama┃General+ㅣAP
Korean Dia | English Sub
Cha Yuha, Park ChanAh


Here is a young director who is trying to shoot a queer film.

She shows up on set with a fluttering heart.

An old lady passing by asks out of curiosity,

"What is the movie about?"

The one question this eager director struggled to answer. 

Not because she didn't know what to say, but out of sheer concern that the old lady might not take her film for as it is.

She sends the lady away failing to give a decent reply.

Soon after, a child comes waddling and says

"What is the movie about?"

The director once again goes back to her thoughts in hopes to find the right words.

She slides her hands into her pockets and pulls out a piece of paper lingering her fingers; a note to herself written before the shoot.

She will be honest with her film.

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