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A Man With Color

Korea┃1985┃105min ┃Color┃Drama┃18+
Korean Dia |  No Sub
KIM Sung-su


Fashion designer Sharman Choi succeeds with the backing of Ms. Kim Mun-ja. However, Sharman gets enthralled with the Korean-American Ju Eun-mong and betrays Mun-ja. Mun-ja truly loved Sharman. But she ends up getting killed by Byun Su-rin. Sharman also feels threatened by the demonic love of Su-rin. He plans to escape to America with Eun-mong. He kills Su-rin and disguises her death to look like a train accident. However, Sharman is tormented by Su-rin's voice night after night. Finally, he is caught by the investigators. It turns out this was all planned by Eun-mong in order to get Sharman's inheritance.

11/06(Sat) 11:00 ART5