SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

Lovers’ Concerto

Korea┃2002┃106min ┃Color┃Drama┃12+
Korean Dia | No Sub


One day Ji-hwan discovers two girls Su-in and Gyeong-hui through his camera viewfinder. The two are best friends, and they seem to resemble each other yet are also different. He falls in love with Su-in at first sight and tells of his feelings, but is cordially turned down. Unwilling to lose touch with them, he asks to stay friends. The three spend the best days of their lives as friends. But besides friendship there are other subtle feelings in the air. They all get confused by the emotions between friendship and love. Such confusion makes an invisible wall. Finally Gyeong-hui and Su-in leave Ji-hwan, saying only that they feel uncomfortable. They left no address or phone number. Ji-hwan is unable to accept the fact that the two girls had left him. Five years later when he had somehow convinced himself he had forgotten all about them, he receives an envelope with a faded picture with no return address. Ji-hwan can feel that it is from Gyeong-hui and Su-in. He starts off to find them with a fluttering heart. A story of friendship and love starts anew.

11/06(Sat) 14:05 ART5