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After my death

Korea┃2017┃113min ┃Color┃Drama┃15+ 
Korean Dia | English Sub
KIM Ui-seok


My close friend is dead, and people swam around me for answers. One day, a high school girl Kyung-min goes missing. She seemed to jump off a bridge to her death, but without a body, or a suicide note, no conclusion can be drawn. People question Young-hee who was the last person to be seen with Kyung-min on the night of her disappearance and start suspecting her of instigating Kyung-min’s death. While Young-hee keeps insisting on her innocence, no one believes her. When Kyung-min’s body finally is found, even her friends turn back from her one by one. To prove herself innocent, Young-hee makes the unexpected decision.

11/05(Fri) 15:05 ART1