SIPFF 2023 2023.11.02(Thu.) ~ 2023.11.08(Wed.)

When You Breathe the Air  

Korea┃2021┃1min 8sec┃Color┃Drama | General+ | WP
Korean Dia | English Sub
Lee Ji-hyun


Jiyeon and Jinah are playing Gonggi in their college dorm room. Through the flying Gonggi stones, Jinah stares at Jiyeon. She cannot take her eyes off Jiyeon. Jiyeon’s face is filled with pure joy too. Jiyeon misses the stone, loses, and hands the Gonggi stones to Jinah. As Jiyeon

gives the stones, their hands meet, and Jinah’s heart is pounding. The moment Jinah throws the stones to the floor, someone knocks on the door and walks in. Jiyeon looks back and looks at that person in a way that she has never shown to Jinah. She then combs through her hair with her fingers, and almost runs to that person. Jinah looks at Jiyeon. Then, she picks up the stones, puts them back into the case, and closes it.

Korean Shorts Non-competition 2
11/07(Sun) 13:05 ART1 (GV)
Korean Shorts Non-competition 2
11/09(Tue) 17:30 ART2